Massage Spa – I’ll Give You All The Answers

Hello my name Josune and a couple of weeks ago I went to the masseuse from a tricky massage. I went to a Chinese massage there on the outskirts of the village. I took off the robe and laid over I put a towel covering his ass. I started by feet and was rising slowly through the legs. I arrive at the neck, massaging my neck and back of the head. I turned towels on my tits and my pussy. As before I started at the bottom and was going up.. I kept climbing and began to massage my pussy !! He could feel the wet pussy but I did not make a sound.

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Then I went up, I massaged the gut and towel off my tits. He began to massage my tits and my nipples. He climbed to the stretcher I opened my legs and he began to penetrate. With one hand touch me tits and the other was helped in penetration like a bitch. I did nothing but cry and moan. Then I turned sideways and lifted one of my legs as I fucked her side. Then he started to lick my pussy.

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My Girlfriend’s The Coach

I do not believe you at all! Working at this hour? Who knows where you have been! No, I do not care what you say, you have a good insurance armed alibi, and your cronies office will cover you. No, you do not smile with that face of an angel, you will not convince me !. And quickly get undressed, I want sleep. At least You could have changed in the bathroom. Ah, do not let the suit lying around !. Or you make a bun with shirt. What thing? I have no idea where let pajamas !. I’m not your mommy. For me, sleeping naked !. What are you doing?? No, I told you to take him !. Well, if you want to sleep with ass in the air, do it for me !. Oh, God, and move all over the bed. Do not, touch me !. No no!. If you have even bathed in perfume, so that you will not stick another scent! It has nothing to do you have the hairy chest, the fragrance does not persist for that.  Thanks, I know I have a soft skin, but will having to look for someone to pat me more often. No, you do not laugh!. I’m serious. I no longer, kiss his neck, which gives me chills then this teen getting punished !. No, I do not want to you give me your body heat, if you stop kissing me, they no longer give me pooches. Already, I do not press !. Why did you stick me? Ah good! It seems that the situation got you excited. Much, so I see. Do not tell dirty things. And take that hand there. No, not a bit !. Now, that finger! You’re gonna break the panty. No, I’m not wet. What do you mean, “I’ll get wet”? But What do you do?? No no!. Already . . . Move over. I told you that . . . that you put away. You are. . . you’re a piggy. Y now what? No, settle for that! I hate when you smile like that. Fool. I hate you,I hate you. . . Uh, uh! Oh my God!. Slowly, slowly !. No, I will not tell you again. Sheesh… tricky spa and their workers.


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The Senator’s Secret Massage Sex

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As a press reporter, I do a very tough job and have a busy schedule. It was getting hectic for me and I taken few days leave from work. I had planned to go to  a massage parlor to get my body relaxed. I had chosen a parlor where man provides massage service for ladies, I knew it probably was a tricky spa, but that was exactly what I needed. I made an appointment for  the best, whatever the price was.

I did not know I was paying for a deepthroat fantasy hardcore massage. He asked to wait inside a room and soon a young handsome guy came to me and asked politely to put off my clothes. I just removed my clothes including my panties and was ready to get massage. When the guy touched me, I turned around and ordered him to lick my pussy. He just started sucking , he was very good at his job and he made me almost scream from pleasure. I grabbed  his big hard cock and started sucking him, I sat on top of him and put his dick in my pussy.  He stated thrusting me so hard it almost hurt. Needless to say, he got a big tip.

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Spy Cam Spa – The Pop Star Sex-Tape

I am working in a public bank. I was just planning my vacations, and my friend had suggested me I book for Thailand; told me that there are very good hotels on the beach and offer a very good spa service. I did a little research about Thailand and booked my holiday package. I got a very nice hotel on the beach and the service was very good. After spending one day I asked for spa service which was famous for this hotel, although one of the room service maids told me it may be a tricky massage. I did not know what it meant, but wanted to find out!

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I was just waiting until a handsome guy in black T-shirt came to me and took me to the spa room. She requested me to take off my clothes including my bra; I did the same and kept my red panty. I was just lying on the Spa table and the guy started applying oil on my body. He rubbed my ass and his fingers were approaching to my boobs. I was just getting ready to be fucked, I asked him to remove my panty and lick my clitoris. He accepted the offer and licked my cunt, he scrolled his tongue inside me and given me peak pleasure. After the ass massage rimming and great fuck, I left for the best holidays of my life.

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Follow Me Daddy

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I am a secret agent, love my job and to fuck beautiful ladies. I have just finished along assignment and was looking for some fun now. Few days back I met a pretty girl who was working in a tricky spa in my city. I was dreaming about her in my nights, I just planned to go for spa. She was announced as “Anastasia Rose, ball sucking expert”. I booked my slot and reached there.

I had specially asked for that girl to give me service. She came to me and took me to spa room. She removed my clothes except my underwear, and then she came over me and started giving message on my chest. My 9 inches dick was rock hard now and was touching his pussy. I just asked her to suck my dick; she had put her lips on the tip and started kissing it it was definitely a tricky teen massage, but I loved it. Soon she gave me a full blow job. I busted in few minutes and she swallowed all my cum.

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Mom’s A Pool Boy Addict Sex Massage Spa !

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I am the Milf Alyssa Lynn, tricky massage parlor owner. My customers give me 100% rating for my massage work, but it came to be real testing for me when the son of the owner of massage parlor has asked me for my service. I was bit nervous but ready to show my full talent to him at the tricky spa full service. When he came for massage I put off all his clothes including mine.

He was stunned by watching my big boobs, I just came over him and put his dick in between my boobs and started shaking it. He was feeling so good; I just put his hard long dick in my mouth and made him to explore every corner of my mouth. It was a deep throat blow job and now he came over me and pulled my one leg in his hand. He just put his dick inside me and started thrusting inside me very hard. I got the same rating for my work from him, as my other customers use to give me.

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Fooling The Family

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I am Nick, staying with my father, stepmother and stepsister. Last Sunday my parents were gone to attend some function; I just got the chance to watch porn movie. I was in a hurry and just forgot to close the door, I  started watching a movie, there was a horny busty chick fucking a young guy in a massage spa. I didn’t know my stepsister was also watching that by standing at the door.

I started rubbing my hardened dick then she came at sit by my side. She was a natural teen, body oil creepy massage making her shine in the sun. I was in full mood to fuck someone, but she agreed only for a blow job. He just put my dick in her mouth and her mouth was full with my hard and thick penis. She has licked my balls and sucked me badly. Then she swallowed my cum entirely.

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Tricky Spy Massage – Daughter’s Diary

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I am a housewife and my husband is a businessman and he used to travel a lot. One day, I was reading a article containing the description about the sizes of men’s penises. I was feeling horny and wanting some dick. I received a call from my husband saying that he had forgotten some important files and home and his office boy was coming to collect those. I just kept on reading that article meanwhile the office boy came and asked for the files. I went inside the room and started searching, when I came back I saw the boy was reading  the article.

He smiled and told me “Madam, I have 7 inches dick”. He made my pussy wet. I just grabbed him and removed his clothes as well as of mine, I was about to give him a tricky massage. His dick was really thick and long and I sucked it badly, I just came over him and he put his hard dick inside me. He was giving great stroked to me and I was thrilled with joy. When he was ready, I got a really open mouth facial.

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Chasing The Law

I am fiction writer and was working on a novel. It was a rainy day and I found I car standing near to my house. It was evening and I had gone there to examine that car. I found a pretty lady inside the car, she told me that her car was not getting started and there  was no service center nearby. I wanted to help her, so I called my friend who is a car mechanic and have his own garage.  Unfortunately he was out of town today and his garage was closed.

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I asked lady to come with me and stay at my home, as her car will be ready by tomorrow only, I was expecting teen Haley Banks tricky massage expert from a known massage parlor, to provide for me. I entered my kitchen to make coffee for us; meanwhile she started reading my work, which was a full sensual novel. When I came back she smiled and appreciated my work, said she worked at a tricky spa. She just put his hand near to my dick and that was clear signal for me to have real fun. She got my already hardened dick and started sucking it, it was a real pleasure. Then I put my dick in her pussy and started thrusting her. Her pussy was too tight to fuck and my dick enjoyed a lot to make it loose.

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Will He Take The Bait On Tricky Massage ?

My father is a scientist and remains busy in his work most of the time. We stay in same house, even then we not met each other for days, as he stay busy in his lab. Recently he started working on a new project and a beautiful lady scientist started coming to my home to assist my Dad in his project. One day my dad was sleeping as he had worked overnight and the lady came to our home.
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I asked her to sit and wait for my father, she said she was coming today to take him to the tricky spa. She came to my room and told me that he would prefer to sit with me rather to wait by sitting alone. There was a packet of condoms lying on my bed, she saw and just asked if I would like to use that now. There was no limit to my happiness now, I just kissed her and he got my dick in her hands. She started licking my dick scrolling her tongue over the tip. I made her legs wide opened by putting her one leg on my shoulder and inserted my dick inside her. She was completely wet from inside and there was no friction just free in and out movement. I was just to come and she got all my come over her lips and chin.

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